Keyword Ninja is an amazing app you can in both in Android phones and iPhones to manage your search terms in your Google Ads (Google AdWords) account.

While Google let you manage your search terms on your adwords management on the web, It's impossible to manage your search terms on mobile browser and even on Google's mobile app. Keyword Ninja let you manage your search terms any time, any where.

Anyone who manages Adwords account that based on keyword will eventually have to manage his search terms as well. When your search terms (or search queries) list getting long you have to add those search terms, either to the negative list or to the keywords as new keyword.
You want to add good search terms as keywords because then you can control their bidding, final urls and so on.
And even more important, You want to stop paying on bad queries by adding those search terms to the negative keywords list.

When you start the app for the first time you will be asked to authorize the app to manage your keywords using the app. Only you can manage those keywords and your authorization gives us no option or reason to do it for you.

Yes, When you log in with your account you can see all your advertisment accounts. Have more accounts in different user? No problem, Login as this user and you will see them too.

Keyword Ninja is free to use for 3 actions per day, If you finished your quota, You can either come back tomorrow or just purchase subscription in a low cost.

You can send your question to [email protected] and we'll reply shortly.